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Who are Mike and Karrie? Every now and then you get to do, what you like to do before you can't.

def·i·ni·tion: (Mike and Karrie) a married couple who live and work in Missouri. They love photography and riding their Harley-Davidsons around the countryside. Proud grand-parents of some 16 (at last count), still serving a purpose in life and finding beauty in everything from nature to piles of junk. To young to quit trying and old enough to know "if you stop moving - you die".

Mike - does Photography two views from the same place - Choose the style you like

Traveling the country makes me appreciate my country more and my home. The best thing a man can experience is the love of a good friend and the passion that drives him. I am so lucky to have both; a wife that is a great friend and she shares my passion for photography. When we shoot a location we always come away with two unique views of what attracted our eyes.

Like to see more of Mike's work? Check it out on FlickR
other slideshows can be seen here.

Rita - Mike's Bike

Karrie also - does Photography our official mode of travel is Harley-Davidson

Once you taste the freedom of the road on a motorcycle, you're hooked; at least, I was. Scared to death at first, but once I mastered the controls I was definitely hooked. We make time to get out and look at this fantastic country of ours. I love to shoot pictures of the vanishing Americana, old towns and the relics of yesterday. Too soon to be gone forever.

Like to see more of Karrie's work? Check it out on FlickR
other slideshows can be seen here.

Lucy - Karrie's Bike

Mike does - IT work Design and Planning Information is not knowledge. - Albert Einstein

Computers - LAN and Web technology changes fast - to stay on top - you have to stay on top

Today’s businesses are more dependent on their IT systems than ever.  Organizations are utilizing technology to be more productive, efficient and successful.  However, escalating costs, high staff turnover, security concerns and more can make managing your IT systems a daunting task. Your first visit with me - is on the house so before you commit to a solution that may or may not give you what you are looking for, at least take the time hear a point of view which could save you big bucks, time and energy.

Information Technology services you need - when you need it

  • LAN Design Server and Workstation builds (designed to be tailored to your specific needs).
  • Integrated Security from Wireless to Antivirus and Group Policy of Active Directory.
  • Computer repair and upgrades.
  • Setup and maintain Cloud Services.
  • DNS and MX record trouble shooting.
  • Disaster recovery and programing.
  • Database design and custom web services.
  • VPN solutions - Video Production - Photo Services.

Contacting Mike or Karrie Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

If you would like to check out their photo blog it is here other slideshows can be seen here.
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